“When nutrition and efficiency meet, health returns.”

Equilibrium Diet (noun) to operate the body as an efficient going-concern entity. Equilibrium Nutrition (verb) the application of mathematical optimization to human nutrition.

Three pillars

  1. Quality Inputs – eating foods that offer the highest nutritional content for the lowest cost of digestion and that are easily absorbed by the body.
  2. Efficient Timing – eating proteins in groups of 3-5 before 2pm and not after; and eating carbohydrates and fruit after 2pm and not before.
  3. Clean Organs – improving the body’s own processes through organ detoxification and a reduced toxic load.

“Equilibrium goes beyond Paleo, beyond raw, beyond vegan and unites the conflicting dietary theories.” 

Click here for “A few words about the Equilibrium Diet” by its founder: Katie Grace, PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance, Wofford College

“The Equilibrium Diet not only changed my health, but also my life trajectory. In a very short period of time, I healed my gallbladder and chronic sinusitis. I have more mental clarity, energy, and I understand my body better. I now view food as medicine for my body.” Lance Player, Health Care Executive–Medstream