First Steps

The first steps to beginning the Equilibrium lifestyle is to eliminate as many constraints on the body as possible. At a minimum, the following need to be eliminated from the body and consumption.

  1. Drugs, OTC drugs and Tobacco Products: smoking, chewing, dipping 
  2. Processed foods, sugars and drinks like energy drinks, soft drinks, microwavable dinners, chips, candies, sweets, fast food, even pasta and whole-wheat pastas.
  3. Microwaves – if heating something up, it can be done on a stove, in an oven, or in a convectional/toaster oven.

Next, minimize consumption of the following:

  1. Alcohol
    • If you consume alcohol, choose “sugar-less” drinks like vodka and gin and choose organic when possible. The alcohols that are distilled multiple times will have less sugar. The vodkas can be mixed with mineral water and fresh lime or lemon juice for taste.
    • Substitutes for alcohol: kava kava is an herb from the South Pacific that promotes relaxation and “takes the edge off”. I have several water kefir beverage recipes that mimic the taste of beer. Click here for recipes. Organic Sparkling Apple Cider could substitute for champagne.
    • Coffee Cruda is a homeopathic remedie that promotes deep, restful sleep.
    • Valerian is an herbal remedy for sleep. It typically performs best when mixed with passion flower (herb), or wood betony (herb).
  2. Caffeine
    • Caffeine is avoided because for many people, it is an addiction. It destroys the adrenal glands, stresses blood pressure and blood-glucose numbers, and makes detox reactions more intense. During any type of fast or cleanse, the body is releasing toxins and when caffeine is present, the body’s response is typically more intense. The goal should be to get down to 1-2 cups of green tea per day, as quickly as possible.
    • Substitutes for coffee-lovers
      • Teechino is a blend of almonds, vanilla and barley and is the best coffee-substitute I have found.
      • DandyBlend is a blend of herbs that most people can’t distinguish from coffee.
      • Decaf organic coffee is a substitute but at the bottom of the list because the decaffeination process uses chemicals and decaf is still acidifying to the body and will kill off the colon’s good-bacteria.
    • Substitutes for soft drinks and carbonation-lovers
      • Sparkling water with 100% fruit juice
      • Kombucha
      • Water Kefir
      • Junn Tea
  3. Sugar

Equilibrium Diet principals and Liver Support Protocols

Once you have eliminated/minimized the above constraints, begin altering the timing of when you eat proteins, carbs and fruits according to the Equilibrium Diet principals. Concurrently, you can begin a three-week liver support program to flush toxins from the liver and prepare the liver and body for additional cleansing. Even if you never plan to do any cleansing (not recommended), the liver support protocol will enhance your liver’s ability to do its many jobs and increase the amount of nutrients you can get from the food you eat.

Liver Support Protocol

For three-weeks, take the following supplements 2-3 times per day (does not apply to coffee enemas):

  1. Pea Protein Power
  2. NAC supplement
  3. Milk Thistle or other Herbal Liver-support blend
  4. Coffee Enemas (optional)

This three-week period before any fasting or cleansing, is a good time to ween off of coffee or other caffeinated products (even chocolate) and will make the juice fast MUCH, MUCH easier.