A few words about the Equilibrium Diet

chainsTOfreeLet’s get real for a moment…there are thousands, tens-of-thousands, of “experts” in health, diet, nutrition, and detox. Each trained in one or several different modules by institutes, colleges, universities, even medical schools. Some tell you that if you go vegan you will get healthy, others tell you that if you go Paleo, you will get healthy. What a contradiction! And yet both groups have data to support their dietary “theory”.

This contradiction defines the world of health and detox: one study says coconut oil is bad for you, but 30 others show it’s good for you. One says cilantro doesn’t work to chelate heavy metals, but people’s direct experience says otherwise.

I have zero – ZERO – formal training or ANY training in health, detox and nutrition. But I had a problem in 2010 and I knew that I was the only one who could solve it. I had a PhD in economics and I could see the hidden incentives in the world that most people have been conditioned to ignore. On the mathematical side, I knew the power (and efficiency) of optimization and the importance of being really precise in WHAT you were optimizing. Another way of saying this, is the incentives (or the questions we ask) guide everything. So if someone sets out to be the “healthiest sick person they know”, that is exactly what they will become. If someone sets out to maximize weight-loss, those are exactly the tools they will discover. All those modalities that the “experts” in health and detox have developed were developed from what I call “sub-optimal questioning”. Very few people, had asked the ultimate question (which lays down the ultimate incentives) which is “How do you create equilibrium health for a lifetime–or several lifetimes (depending on how long you think a lifetime is!)?”

Notice, I didn’t ask “What do you eat to create equilibrium health?”, that would imply just inputs, I asked “how”.

“How do you create equilibrium health for a lifetime?”

“How” is open, “how” is flexible, “how” doesn’t limit itself to just food choices, it leaves the door open to include other variables, like: timing, organ cleanses, stress-management, and emotional healing.

So the “how” in incredibly important, so is the “equilibrium” part. Because “equilibrium” is a mathematical concept. It is the SINGLE point that is the mathematical OPTIMUM where net benefits are maximized. This means, it is an optimum point where COSTS are minimized. For example, given humans must consume food for energy (this is the constraint) the equilibrium point minimizes the cost to the body of eating.

Every single person out there has an AMAZING body, and your body is doing the BEST job it possibly can given the constraints you are placing on it. Whether you have chronic fatigue, excess weight, depression, gallbladder issues, or “cancer”…your body is doing the absolute best job it can given its constraints.

Now, if we were to release some of those constraints, your body would act differently; and what I have observed in myself and others, is that the more of those constraints we release, and the more we work with the body (instead of fighting against it), the faster and more dramatic the return to health is. Your body in its natural state, is like a powerful rushing river–full of life and excitement and self-renewal. But what happens to that powerful rushing river if some of the water is diverted for other uses, maybe canals are built to bring water away from the river to irrigate farm land, or maybe the river is dammed up in places? That river loses its natural power, its natural life-giving properties are reduced being used for other people’s purposes and not the river’s.

This is exactly what happens when we place constraints on the body and I define a constraint as anything that goes against the body’s life-giving/life-promoting natural state. Some constraints are obvious and easy to identify:

Smoking, drugs and alcohol, trans-fats.

Others are perhaps less obvious: pharmaceuticals, sugar, wheat/gluten, and pasteurized cow dairy.

And others are even more subtle: microwave cooking, chlorinated or fluoridated water, and household cleaning supplies.

All of these, and so many more, are constraints most people have placed on their bodies and their health because they thought it was “normal” or because society told them to (and usually because someone was benefiting from selling said constraints).

My entire life, I have loved freedom – all freedom and total freedom. I love the idea of freedom because only freedom is consistent with the mathematical laws of the universe. Freedom is simply the absence of constraints.

You deserve to be free. It is your natural state and it is the state we must all return to at some point or another. That freedom begins with running your body how the you deep inside of you wants to run it–and that deep wisdom goes against everything most people will tell you…because, most people are not free. Freedom starts with the Equilibrium Diet. crystal1