A few words about the Equilibrium Diet

Dear Healthy You,

Hi, I am Katie Grace, PhD and for the last 8 years I have been researching and tracking an area of health and nutrition that has been completely ignored by doctors, nutritionists and researchers – this area is what I refer to as “proper food-timing” or the time of day when proteins vs. carbs need to be consumed.

Perhaps that sounds trivial and perhaps you don’t think it matters what time of day you have a steak dinner…it matters, probably more than anything else! I have found that the effects of proper food-timing reach into every aspect of our health and every aspect of our lives to the point that virtually all illnesses and imbalances can be self-corrected just by eating proteins at the correct time of day.

We have all heard of the circadian rhythm—the sleep-wake cycle for every human on earth. Let’s suppose that we lived in a society where we had grown up and been taught to sleep during the day and work at night. Generation after generation had lived this way for thousands of years and so it’s just what we did, we didn’t question it—but if you know anything about “night-shift syndrome” you know that the entire population in this made-up world would suffer from a number of ailments: higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, more chronic pain, depression, vitamin d deficiency, chronic immune problems, lower life expectancies and increased cancer rates (of course all of these are compared to people who sleep at night and are up during the day, but in this world, there is no alternative, we aren’t able to see the contrast because most people follow the social norm. This implies that our very idea of “normal” in this society is biased towards disease simply because we sleep during the day.) If you ask anyone who has worked night-shifts, even for extended periods of time, “Does your body ever get used to it?” (I asked my father-in-law this question and he has worked the night-shift for 25 years) and in his words, their response is: “NEVER”. Never. Our bodies are simply built to follow the sun.

Our social norm of food-timing is even more destructive than flipping our sleep-wake schedule.

Our circadian rhythm should be renamed our “sun cycle” because it doesn’t just define our sleep-wake cycle, it defines how our bodies are programmed to follow the sun. Proper food-timing is just another aspect of this. Our idea of normal and “healthy” are biased by an entire society (and world) that eat with improper timing. This means that just like the imaginary society that slept during the day, we experience levels of health that are WAAAAAAY below our natural state.

When we eat 3-5 different sources of protein for breakfast, hypoglycemia and blood sugar issues are eliminated. When we avoid proteins after 2pm our livers can clean our bodies every single night, because it is not busy digesting proteins, and inflammation in the body drops. Every day we get healthier and healthier. The results I have witnessed from people eating this way are nothing short of miraculous if you don’t understand why it works so well: it works so well because it is the equivalent of returning to a state where you sleep at night and are awake during the day.

Here is a short list of “medical conditions” that I have observed disappearing: chronic fatigue, candida overgrowth, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, prostatitis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, shin splits, acne, eczema, acid reflux, gallbladder malfunction, infertility, diabetes, Hashimoto’s, and weight-loss.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Or it’s too simple? Try it—commit 90 days and prove me wrong. It takes one fact to debunk a great theory. And send me your story.

To freedom (which is true health),