Heavy Metal Cleanse

Heavy metals are everywhere and do serious damage. In our polluted environment, we all have heavy metals to some extent. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include: fatigue, chronic diseases, allergies, dark circles under the eyes, skin rashes, memory and thought problems, and in extreme cases—insanity. Chelating (removing) heavy metals from the body is a process that pays off immediately and in the long-run. The key is to begin chelating slowly and at low doses so you don’t suffer the pains of feeling the metals in your system, and so that the metals don’t get reabsorbed during the process. Different heavy metals are chelated best with different agents but the cilantro cleanse is cheap, easy, and will pull out a lot of mercury, aluminum, and other heavy metals. To perform this cleanse you need three supplements: cilantro, chlorella, and apple pectin.pexels-photo-606537.jpeg

I would recommend completing the 7-day (or longer) juice fast, then beginning the Equilibrium Diet along with a parasite cleanse (days 1–29), and then a heavy metal detox (days 30–51). For a person with a clean diet and colon, I would actually recommend the reverse order (heavy metal cleanse followed by the parasite cleanse). Regardless of the order, the key to the heavy metal cleanse is that the colon has to be moving waste efficiently so that the chelated metals are not sitting around.

apple-tree-orchard-apfelernte-54629.jpegWhen heavy metals are present, the body and liver actually want to keep parasites (particularly candida) around, because the critters buffer the heavy metals from severely damaging the body—the body chooses to live with the waste created from the candida instead of suffering the full extent of exposure to heavy metals. The body chooses the lesser of two evils—candida side-effects: like a feeling of drunkenness, white coated tongue, imprecise thinking, prostatitis, skin problems, sinus pain and congestion, and constipation. When heavy metals are present, having candida is actually an equilibrium state for the body. One can only improve and get rid of candida once the root of the condition is gone—heavy metals is one of them.

You will take the following for six days and then take two days off. Repeat the six-on, two-off cycle for thirty-two days (four cycles). Always start with small amounts of cilantro and generous portions of chlorella and pectin. This ensures that all of the metals are properly neutralized and bound for removal.

  1. Cilantro (fresh or as a tincture) chelates heavy metals. It literally pulls them out of the brain, the joints, and the rest of the body. Eat one handful two times per day or take the recommended dosage on the tincture bottle two times per day (before breakfast and dinner).
  2. Chlorella are blue-green sea algae that neutralize the heavy metals that the cilantro pulls out. The heavy metals will continue to circulate and eventually relocate unless the toxins are neutralized. Green tea can also do this but chlorella is the best. I will usually drink green tea along with the chlorella for extra support. Take six to eight tablets (or a serving size), twice a day 30-minutes before taking the cilantro. This ensures the chlorella is in the correct place in the small intestine to neutralize the metals when the liver begins dumping them.
  3. Apple Pectin provides the fiber needed for the body to take the neutralized heavy metal, bind it, and eliminate it through the colon. Take one to two tablets twice a day a few minutes before taking the chlorella. For example, if you wake up at 6:00 a.m. and take six chlorella tablets, ten-minutes later take two pectin tablets. Twenty-minutes after the pectin, take five to ten drops of cilantro in water. Do this again before dinner or at bedtime.

The important aspect of the heavy metal detox is to take the chlorella slightly before the cilantro because the chlorella needs to move into the small intestine before the cilantro starts chelating. I recommend waiting about 20 to 30 minutes; you’ll know if you have waited too long (or need more chlorella), because you will start to get a headache and feel like your head is “swimming in toxins.” If you accidentally take too much cilantro, or begin chelating too quickly, there are several “back-up” remedies, but they are just that—back-ups. Each attempts to minimize the damage in the midst of a painful detox. Chelating too quickly can cause severe headaches, lymph node pain, chest pains, joint pains, blurry vision, eye pain, body aches, nausea, and moodiness. If you begin to feel any of these symptoms, implement a few of the following remedies.

  • Take more chlorella
  • Take hydrated bentonite clay from a reputable source (some bentonite contains aluminum so buy the best quality possible)
  • Take milk thistle or MSM
  • Take N-Acetyl-Cysteine, L-Lysine, and/or L-methionine
  • Drink lots of green tea
  • Take a hot bath with Epsom salts, or vitamin C, or green tea. Vitamin C tablets for the bath can be purchased online or at most stores as “de-chlorinating” agents. Each of these will help draw out toxins and help the body to neutralize the toxins. Make sure to soap and rinse off with fresh water when you get out of the bath to neutralize anything on the skin.

Notes on chelation: In professional chelation therapies, all metals (good and bad) are removed. This is not the case with cilantro chelation, so mineral supplementation is not required.