Why it works

With the Equilibrium Diet, the body uses the food it needs incredibly efficiently–we are getting the maximum return on our digestive investment. The low cost of digestion and high nutrient absorption means the body gets everything that it needs and waste is MINIMIZED. Eating this way combines the high nutrient availability of animal proteins with the reduced liver burden associated with vegetarian diets (because they are not eating meat at night). It is all in the timing!

  • Superfoods provide the most nutrients at the lowest cost of digestion
  • Not eating proteins past 2pm allows the liver to clean, rebuild and renew the body every single night from 11pm-5am. This is an “intermittent fast” that happens every single day.
  • Proteins consumed before 2pm are more easily used by the body so the body absorbs more protein. No sugars are consumed during the period so the body is forced to use protein and fat for energy – this eliminates blood sugar issues and hypoglycemia in 1-3 days and is naturally ketogenic (meaning the body is using fat for fuel instead of glucose).
  • Proteins are grouped in sets of 3-5 which means the liver is presented with a full profile of amino acids and doesn’t have to make any amino acids to “balance them”. For instance, if you eat only chicken every single day, the liver is going to struggle to produce all the amino acids that it needs that are NOT in chicken, even worse, for the liver to use an amino acid, sometimes it needs to be paired with a different amino acid, if the latter isn’t provided in the meal, the liver must try to make it or it won’t be able to use the first amino acid.
  • Carbs consumed after 2pm do NOT have the same impact on blood sugar as carbs before 2pm. This means people who were “carb-sensitive” or “carb-intolerant” before altering the timing of their carbs, can typically handle (and desire) carbs again with zero detriment to blood sugar, a good night’s sleep, and the waistline. Furthermore, carbs that are fermented like gluten-free sourdough actually help the gut heal and provide needed minerals to the body.
  • Organ cleanses are like spring cleaning for your body. The layers of dirt and grime that have accumulated over the years begin to slough off and the organs begin to work at higher and higher levels of functionality. This means digestion improves, thyroid function improves, the immune system improves, reproduction improves, literally every function and organ of the body improves.