Case Studies

Case Study 1: Katie Graceheadshot2

August 1, 2010 – Katie (26-years-old, married) had experienced chronic fatigue for two years since being diagnosed with chlostridium difficile (c-diff). She was sleeping 12-14 hours a day and still felt exhausted. She had experienced eczema throughout her entire life, particularly on her elbows, knees, fingers and eyelids. She had two hospitalizing asthma attacks by the time she was 2-years-old and had been on inhalers and steroids periodically since. She’d had yeast infections that had become near chronic in the past 2 years. Katie constantly felt bloated and couldn’t lose weight no matter what she tried and was exhausted after exercise or exertion of any kind despite being a NCAA Division I volleyball player in college. She suffered from adrenal exhaustion and hashimotos thyroiditis. She ate a Standard American Diet of processed foods, wheat, sugar, dairy and fast food.

Katie institutes juice fasting, organ cleansing and proper food-timing along with eliminating all sugar and processed foods (e.g. refined pasta and rice). Within 30 days, Katie felt better than she remembered feeling in her entire life, she had more energy and was working 12-14 hours a day on her dissertation after sleeping only 6-8 hours. Within 90 days, Katie’s list of symptoms has been completely eliminated with the exception of the eczema (the eczema clears 6 months after beginning the program and eliminating wheat from her diet). She no longer needs any of her prescription medications and creams and experienced a complete reversal of even her lifetime ailments.

April 2018 Katie has not been sick to see a medical doctor in 8 years. She has two children (6 years and 3 years-old) who are vibrantly healthy and have never had any health complaints.

Case Study 2: Lance Player

July 15, 2010 – Lance (25 years old, married) experiences acute stabbing pain in his right side. Medical professionals test him for kidney stones, and gallbladder functionality. His gallbladder is functioning at 60%. He suffered from prostatitis since 2005 and had chronic sinusitis, taking antibiotics twice a year for sinus issues. He had many ear infections as a child and had tubes put in his ears at 6-weeks old.

Lance institutes juice fasting, organ cleansing and proper food-timing along with eliminating all sugar and processed foods. Within seven days, Lance’s gallbladder pain is gone. Within 90 days, Lance’s sinuses have improved and he has gone through the first fall season of his life without needing an antibiotic. Lance reports more energy, deeper and more refreshing sleep, heightened mental acuteness, and feeling better than he has felt in his entire life, even as a former NCAA Division I baseball player.

April 2018 Lance has not been sick to see a doctor in 8 years.

Case Study 3: Kathleen

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September 2013 – Kathleen (27-years-old, married with 18-month-old daughter)


Case Study 4: Lisa 

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June 2015 – Lisa (40-years-old, married with two children) complains of extreme hypoglycemia and needing to eat every few hours. She complains of excess weight and extreme sugar-cravings and states she has high cholesterol.

Lisa institutes just the diet portion of the Equilibrium program by eliminating gluten, sugar and dairy and eating 3-5 proteins before 2pm and not after.

90 days later, Lisa reports that her cholesterol is down 60 points, she has lost 20 pounds and her hypoglycemia is gone as long as she eats enough protein before 2pm. She reports her skin looks clearer and younger, and she has more energy and deeper sleep.