What people are saying

pexels-photo-747964.jpeg“I read this book (Equilibrium Diet) during a period when my cholesterol levels had become unhealthy. When my internist finally suggested I begin taking statin medications, it was a wake-up call. Then and there, I decided to become more proactive and improve my diet. As a result of following the Equilibrium Diet, I removed sugar and all processed food. In doing so, I developed a keen awareness of my sensitivity to sugars and food additives. I now eat proteins, fats, carbs, vegetables, grains and fruits during the time of day when my body receives optimum nutritional benefits. I no longer crave sugar or junk food, and if I have any now, it just doesn’t taste good to me. My cholesterol levels have improved to healthy levels. My doctor tells me “to keep doing what I’m doing.” Connie S., Idaho

“…A very raw and emotional read that leaves the reader with a completely different perspective on how diet impacts every part of our lives. After reading this book, I experienced an awareness of how certain foods I had been consuming were affecting my body.  I am a doctor and this book made me realize how little I was taught about nutrition in medical school–you wouldn’t believe how many hours of pharmacology I put in though! Overall, I would recommend Atheist to Enlightened in 90 Days to anyone looking to take charge of their health.”—Amazon Reader

pexels-photo-248174.jpegDr. Player lays out the foundation for each of us to choose what is right for our bodies and create our own Equilibrium in our lives. I had already omitted sugar and alcohol from my diet when I read her book. The only other change I’ve made thus far is eating protein before 2 pm-already I have more energy, especially upon waking and feel much more clear in my thinking and emotions. Thank you Dr. Player for sharing your incredible journey and writing it in a very understandable, heartfelt presence. A must read!”—Amazon Reader

“…I adopted eating by the equilibrium diet. My triglycerides dropped from 120 to 60 in 6 months. My cholesterol came down into healthy range and My Blood sugar stabilized. Mind you, this happened all while eating a very high fat diet! Because I eliminated sugar and other processed foods – along with eating the correct foods at the right time of day, my body found its equilibrium point. Also, I’m a Vibrational Practitioner (alternative wellness Practitioner). I started using many of the plans from this book in my practice and have seen great results.”—Amazon Reader

pexels-photo.jpg“I started my health journey when my daughter was about 20-months old. She had eczema and I was told by my doctor friend that it would be a condition she would have for the rest of her life. They were upfront about it and told me they could prescribe steroids but it would only appear to go away. In my mind that was only starting a symptom. What was the underlying cause? When I met Katie, she suggested it was a dietary thing. Hey, this mama will try anything natural! So initially we took dairy away. It helped but still had some irritation. So we tried getting rid of wheat and only doing sprouted grains while keeping log of dairy. That again helped some but still had some irritation. We finally gave up gluten altogether (for her). And we saw such a difference! He eczema cleared! We saw things we didn’t expect as well. We hadn’t realized how irritable and generally whiney and un-well our daughter had been until we let her have a bit of diary after being off of it for a while. Since I wasn’t buying those things for her it limited how much I’d buy at all so I had slowly decreased the dairy and gluten ingredients that I was consuming. Before long I wanted to know how I would feel doing this whole Equilibrium diet. I finally took the plunge and was all in. Eating no meat at night was strange because of my American mindset and upbringing, but it was actually a little freeing bc I felt like it was finally okay to have those good carbs as long as I ate them at the right time of day so my body could properly digest them. I found that I had so much more energy in the morning and slept better when I had my protein in the morning and carbs in the evening. I was able to wean off of coffee completely because of this newfound energy boost. Sugar was the hardest mostly because it was still in most of the convenience foods that I could find that were gluten and dairy free. I didn’t give up sugar completely until I got pregnant again. In my first trimester, I had eaten a little dairy and gluten and felt so miserable that I knew I had to get back to my new lifestyle. To further convince me that sugar should stay out of our lives completely, my 2nd daughter was born with a sugar bug on her nose (per Chinese medicine). I now can tell if I’ve had a bit of sugar because my nose gets stuffy and I get a headache. If I have even the teeniest bit of coffee I have a headache for two days. I will never go back to before this diet! I’d be crazy to abandon feeling great for the abyss of feeling crummy all the time that I hadn’t known I was in before.” –Kathleen B., Greenville SC

mickie“Katie Player has been my wellness coach since March 2015.  In that time I have done 12 liver cleanses, 5 kidney cleanses, 2 colon cleanses, 2 parasite cleanses, and regular lymph system cleansing.  Katie has always been there for me to answer all my questions when I got nervous or wasn’t quite sure what was going on with my body during the detox process. Now I’m planning for a baby this May.  I’ve had blood work done with my fertility Obgyn to test my liver, gallbladder, kidneys, thyroid, vitamin and mineral levels, auto immune disease, cholesterol, and hormones. I’ve also had several ultrasounds.  My test results came back with flying colors and picture perfect health.  I was incredibly overjoyed to discover that my progesterone hormone level is naturally an 18. Even if I was on fertility drugs it would be a 12-15.   In addition to that, as a 39 year old woman, my AMH hormone was predicted by the doctor to measure a 1 and mine was a 5.5. This means I have plenty of eggs left at almost 40 years old.  I just can’t thank Katie enough for guiding me through this journey to wellness and fertility at any age.”—Mickie G., Greenville SC

“The Equilibrium Diet not only changed my health, but also my life trajectory. In a very short period of time, I healed my gallbladder and chronic sinusitis. I have more mental clarity, energy, and I understand my body better. I now view food as medicine for my body.” — Lance Player, Health Care Executive–Medstream